Reads a CSV with songs and imports them into Spotify
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$ cnpm install @luzat/listify 
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Crude tool to somewhat interactively import tracks from CSV files to Spotify playlists

Getting Started

Install (see below) and prepare a CSV file. The file:

  • must have a header row
  • must contain columns track and playlists (will be lower-cased)
    • track will be used for matching
    • playlists can contain multiple playlist names separated by |
  • should contain columns artist and album for better matching
  • may contain additional columns


listify --help

for options.

Example usage

listify -d ';' -o added.csv demo.csv

Note: The tool will try to open a browser window to acquire a required Spotify API access token.


listify requires Node.js 10 or newer.


npm install -g @luzat/listify

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This project is licensed under the ISC License - see the LICENSE file for details

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