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Koop geojson Provider

This is a geojson that demonstrates how to build a Koop Provider. Full documentation is provided here.


where the URL changes / to | for including in the url. e.g.


To try this out, here are few example services:

If you want to write your own provider, simply fork this repository or copy the contents.


File Description
index.js Mandatory Configures provider for usage by Koop
model.js Mandatory Translates remote API to GeoJSON
routes.js Optional Specifies additional routes to be handled by this provider
controller.js Optional Handles additional routes specified in routes.js
server.js Optional Reference implementation for the provider
test/model-test.js Optional tests the getData function on the model
test/fixtures/input.json Optional a geojson of the raw input from the 3rd party API
config/default.json Optional used for advanced configuration, usually API keys.

Test it out

Run server:

  • npm install
  • DEPLOY=dev node server.js

Example API Query:

  • curl localhost:8080/geojson/FeatureServer/0/query?returnCountOnly=true


  • npm test

With Docker

  • docker build -t koop-provider-geojson .
  • docker run -it -p 8080:8080 koop-provider-geojson

Publish to npm

  • run npm init and update the fields
    • Choose a name like koop-provider-foo
  • run npm publish

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