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$ cnpm install @lleohao/raneto 
SYNC missed versions from official npm registry.


使用 https://github.com/codepiano/lunr.js 替代依赖中的 lunr

注释了 lunr-language, 对中文搜索没什么帮助



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Raneto is a free, open, simple Markdown powered Knowledgebase for Node.js.
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Visit http://docs.raneto.com to see a demo and get started!


Run this in a terminal and then visit http://localhost:3000.
For full Installation instructions, see the Installation Guide.
git clone https://github.com/gilbitron/Raneto.git && cd Raneto && npm install && npm run gulp && npm start

Supported Node Versions:

  • v10.x.x
  • v8.x.x


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Raneto was created by Gilbert Pellegrom from Dev7studios.
Maintained by Ryan Lelek from AnsibleTutorials.com.
Logo by @mmamrila
Released under the MIT license.

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