Litexa, a programming language for writing Alexa skills
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Litexa Package

Litexa is an Alexa domain specific language, developed for long form multi-turn skills such as games. This package contains the source for the CLI and core runtime.

Further documentation can be found at https://litexa.com

Installing Litexa


The following needs to be installed and configured:

Note: Requires Node.js version 8.11 or higher.


Litexa is intended to be used as a command line utility, installed as a global npm package. Given an environment with node installed:

npm install -g @litexa/core

From then on, you should be able to invoke the litexa command from anywhere on your machine.

Note: if you are installing from the source monorepo, then you can use a local reference for installing instead. Switch to the litexa directory, then run:

npm install ./ -g

Additional components of Litexa are provided as separate extension modules, with the intention that each project can pick and choose which functionality it would like to incorporate. See further below for a list of known extensions.

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