Maintaining XML in Pure Javascript (IN BOTH NODE.JS & BROWSERS)
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$ cnpm install @lite-js/xml 
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XMLLite.findChildNode(doc, query);
XMLLite.findChildNodes(doc, query);
XMLLite.findOrCreateChildNode(doc, query);
XMLLite.removeChildNode(doc, query);
XMLLite.eachChildNode(doc, query, callback);
// ...


XMLLite.beautify(xml, indent);
XMLLite.uglify(xml, preserveComments);
XMLLite.sanitize(xml, reverse);
// ...

Actually, you can get the js object from XMLLite.xml2js(xml), do whatever you want, and convert it back to xml again with XMLLite.js2xml(obj).


  1. A reasonable need for usage in both Node.js and Browsers
  2. A more reasonable need to use native APIs(DOMParser/XMLSerializer) to speed up the maintaining process and keep the library thin

Why @lite-js/xml?

  1. It works exactly the same in both Node.js and Browsers
  2. The browser version is supper light-weight(dist/xml.js)
  3. Convenient APIs for converting between xml/js/json/DOM, and lots of helpers to maintain the data structures
  4. Super fast. it takes less than 30ms to convert an xml document with over 1,000 nodes into a js object


$ npm install @lite-js/xml --save
$ npm install @lite-js/xml -g


In Node.js

const XML = require('@lite-js/xml');

Command line client

$ xml-lite --help

In browsers

<script src="$path/to/@lite-js/xml/dist/xml.js"> <!-- window.XML is available -->

In browsers with webpack

import XMLLite from '@lite-js/xml/indexBrowser';



JSON spec

Projects using @lite-js/xml


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