A light hue LinTO skill
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$ cnpm install @linto-ai/node-red-linto-skill-philips-hue 
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LinTo-Skills-Optional - Philips-hue

This entry provides information about the philips-Hue skill in the context of the project LinTO

The skill gives information about operating Philips-Hue lights

LinTo Skills

The following describes the possible inputs and outputs for the Philips-hue skill


    transcript : 'text transcript',
    nlu : {
    intent : 'intentDetected',
        entitiesNumber : 1, //number of entities
        entities : [{
            entity: 'entity type',
            value: 'entity name'
    conversationData : { } //optional json from the previous intention if a conversation is required

Output Say Mode : In say mode, LinTO provides a single response to a given question.

    behavior: {
        say: 'message that linto gonna say',

For example, when asked "What time is it?", LinTO might respond, "It is 7:30 a.m."

Conversation Mode : This skill does not support a conversation mode


The Philips-hue skill is triggered by the following intentions: light


Here are the entities supported for this skill:

  • action_on, turn on the light
  • action_off, turn off the light
  • action_set, set the light at X percent
  • action_up, increase the light brightness
  • action_down, reduce the light brightness
  • ordinal, used with the action_set has value
  • id, used to identify the light (by name). It is combined with any action_ entities

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