Tool to generate the typescript types of the GraphQL queries, based on the GraphQL schema
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$ cnpm install @lightspeed/apollo-generate-types 
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Generate TypeScript types for GraphQL queries based on a schema, with a watch command to auto-update on changes.

Quick start


Install dependency in your app:

yarn add @lightspeed/apollo-generate-types -D


yarn apollo-generate-types [--output=<dir>] [--output-filename=<filename>] [--watch] --schema=<GraphQLSchemaPath> [globFiles]

We recommend creating an npm script to run the command. In your package.json inside scripts:

"gql:generate-types": "apollo-generate-types --schema=./src/__generated__/graphql-schema.graphql 'src/**/*.ts,src/**/*.tsx'"

You can then call yarn gql:generate-types to generate types based on the schema.

Running with watch mode

For development, we recommend running the gql:generate-types script in watch mode:

"dev": "NODE_ENV=development nodemon server.js && yarn gql:generate-types --watch"

Whenever a query is added to a .ts or .tsx file a type file will be generated in the output dir. For example:

const GET_PRODUCTS = gql`
  query getProducts($term: String) {
    products(term: $term, pageSize: 5) {
      edges {
        node {

Will generate a src/__generated__/getProducts.ts file with types for this query.


Name Required Default Description
--schema=<GraphQLSchemaPath> Yes - Path to GraphQL schema file
--output=<dir> No src/__generated__/ Path where files will be generated
--output-filename=<file> No <graphql-schema-file-name>-types.ts Name of the generated files for full schema types
--watch No - If a file containing a gql query or the schema changes, types will be re-generated
[globFiles] No - Files to look for gql queries. It can be a glob parameter. If no files is set, then the process will only watch the schema


yarn apollo-generate-types --schema=schema.graphql 'src/**/*.ts,src/**/*.tsx'
yarn apollo-generate-types --output=generated --watch --schema=schema.graphql 'src/**/*.ts,src/**/*.tsx'
yarn apollo-generate-types --schema=schema.graphql


  1. Q: I have the error GraphQLError: Cannot query field "XXXX" on type "Query" when I run the command.

    A: It's an issue with your graphql package in your project. It must be graphql >=14.4.2

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