The Liftr CLI provides scaffolding for the Liftr framework
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The liftr-cli is a quick project-starter CLI to work with the Liftr framework, it will create the necessary files for you to begin a Node.js & Typescript project. Ontop of that, you can generate new backend components on the fly - providing a quicker way to build structured and robust API's.


Install the liftr-cli as a global CLI.

npm install -g @liftr/cli

cd <your-repo-location>

# Then you run
liftr -s <name-of-your-project>

This should setup a project with all the necessary folders and files so that you can begin building straight away!


Here are all the possibilities with the liftr-cli

# Create a setup for your Nodejs/Typescript project

liftr -s <your-project-name>
liftr --setup <your-project-name>

# All files get their own folder in their component folder
# Using the -f or --flat command skips the folder creation and just creates the files

# Create a module with its own routes file which provides. The module gets added to the LiftrRoutingModule
liftr -m <your-module-name>
liftr --module <your-module-name>

# Create a route in a target route file as well as in the target module (should have the same intial name). This will add the route to the routes file and automatically add it to the module.
liftr -r <your-route-name> -t <your-target-module-and-routes-file>
liftr --route <your-route-name> --target <your-target-module-and-routes-file>

# Create a controller in the controller folder
liftr -c <your-controller-name>
liftr --controller <your-controller-name>

# Create a middleware in the middleware folder
liftr --middleware <your-middleware-name>

Supporting packages

Package Description Version
@liftr/core The core package for Liftr npmversion
@liftr/tscov Check the type coverage of your Liftr project TypeScript project npmversion


Want to file a bug, contribute some code, or improve documentation? Feel free to place an issue and check the contributing guidelines.

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