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$ cnpm install @lemonpi/templateset-cli 
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This project serves as a collection of cli tools that make it easier to create templatesets for LemonPI.


yarn add -D @lemonpi/templateset-cli


Because of their dynamic nature, templatesets can not be previewed locally. This tool takes a templateset as it would be uploaded to LemonPI, and transforms it into a working preview.

It actively watches a source directory. When changes occur the preview is recreated and reloaded in the browser.


yarn templateset-preview

Or with extra logging:

templateset-preview -v

The preview will now be available on http://localhost:3000.


  • --help or -h for usage information
  • --watch or -w to configure the source directory (defaults to ./template-set)
  • --out or -o to configure the output directory (defaults to ./preview)
  • --verbose or -v for extra logging

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