generates simple react boilerplate including simple example components
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$ cnpm install @leif_marcus/create-react-web 
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Create React Web

Simple react boilerplate generator. As create-react-app seems to be too big for some small projects I did, I decided to create this generator to generate a basic react web app.

this is made for leon

Install Globally

If you are using yarn:

$ yarn global add @leif_marcus/create-react-web

otherwise you can use

$ npm install -g @leif_marcus/create-react-web

Generate Boilerplate and start

# create and open a new directory:
$ mkdir my-new-project && cd my-new-project

# generate boilerplate:
$ create-react-web --redux --router

# run for development (webpack-dev-server):
$ yarn dev

# run for production (webpack -p)
$ yarn start


You can specify certain options when generating the boilerplate:

args default description
--name current directory basename you can specify a custom name for the app. Names follow the same rules as npm package names.
--srcDir src define where to save the main react application
--react 16.8.5 define which react version you want to use.
--redux false generate redux boilerplate with the app. This will generate an example redux store with simple counter
--router false generate react-router boilerplate with the app
--server true generate basic express server to serve the production version

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