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This tool can extract data from an OData metadata file (currently only v2) and compile it to other representations of the extracted data. Currently these are:

  • TypeScript interfaces
  • PlantUML and a resulting class diagram
    • Caution: Please make sure that node-plantuml is installed if you want to generate class diagrams.


Install and execute @krlwlfrt/omeco globally and use it as a CLI.

npm install -g @krlwlfrt/omeco

omeco convert PATH/TO/METADATA.XML

This will generate output files in the same directory as the supplied metadata file with names which match the basename (without extension) of the source file.

For further usage refer to the help section of the CLI:

omeco --help


Install @krlwlfrt/omeco as a dependency in your project and use it programmatically.

npm install @krlwlfrt/omeco


Use extractData to extract data from a metadata description.


  • Use generateTypeScript from @krlwlfrt/tsg to generate TypeScript interfaces from the extracted data.
  • Use compilePlantUml to generate PlantUML from the extracted data.
  • Use writePlantUmlPng to write a class diagram (PNG) from generated PlantUML.


See documentation for detailed description of usage.

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