Simple CLI for snap-shotting Kosu contract system to generate a Kosu network genesis file.
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$ cnpm install @kosu/genesis-cli 
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Tool: gen-kosu

This package contains the source code for the binary gen-kosu, a CLI utility for generating a Kosu network genesis file generating a snapshot of the Kosu contract system state at a specific block height.

The package also exports all functions used to generate the genesis file for public audit and usage in other scripts.

Before being used for main-net or public test network's by validators, the tests and source should be independently verified for logical correctness.


Documentation is hosted on docs.kosu.io and can also be found in the docs folder.

There is additional documentation within certain methods, and all potential validators are encouraged to read the snapshot logic and independently verify the programs correctness.


The primary entry-point for most users will be the gen-kosu binary, used to generate Kosu network genesis files.

For public networks, the genesis parameters must be established prior to usage of this script.


Install the gen-kosu CLI with Yarn or NPM.

# with yarn
yarn global add @kosu/genesis-cli

# with npm
npm i -g @kosu/genesis-cli


The below is the output of gen-kosu --help.

Usage: gen-kosu [options]

Simple CLI for snap-shotting Kosu contract system to generate a Kosu network genesis file.

Be sure to view the documentation (docs.kosu.io) for more information and usage instructions.

The generated genesis JSON is printed directly to stdout if the program exits successfully.

The following options are required:
    -n, --chain-id <name>
    -p, --provider-url <url>
    -b, --snapshot-block <number>
    -t, --start-time <number>

  -V, --version                         output the version number
  -n, --chain-id <name>                 Specify the resulting Kosu chain ID
  -p, --provider-url <url>              HTTP Ethereum JSONRPC provider
  -b, --snapshot-block <number>         The block height at which to snapshot Kosu contract system state
  -t, --start-time <number>             Unix timestamp (in seconds) of network start
  -f, --finality-threshold <number>     Minimum age of Ethereum blocks before submitting attestations (default: "10")
  -l, --period-limit <number>           Maximum number of order messages to accept per rebalance period (default: "100000")
  -L, --period-length <number>          The length of each rebalance period (in Ethereum blocks) (default: "5")
  -m, --max-order-bytes <number>        The maximum size of a single order transaction (default: "4096")
  -B, --blocks-before-pruning <number>  Maximum age of attestations before pruning (default: "50")
  -o, --orders-limit <number>           The maximum number of orders to keep in state at time (default: "100")
  -h, --help                            output usage information


The exported functions within this package are intended to be useful outside the context of the CLI, and can be used in other scripts that need to snapshot contract system state.

All primary logic for generating the snapshot and genesis JSON is found in functions.ts.

Install dependencies

Install NPM dependencies


Build the output files (to lib/) with yarn build (or npm run build).


Run unit tests with yarn test (start the local CLI with yarn gen-kosu [options]).

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