Development and CI docker images and supporting scripts for Kosu.
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$ cnpm install @kosu/dev-images 
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Development and CI docker images and supporting scripts for the Kosu project.

All images defined in this repository are publicly available, and hosted by Google Container Registry. Images can be pulled with:

$ docker pull gcr.io/kosu-io/$IMAGE_NAME

CI Images

Docker images used for Kosu's continuous-integration suite are defined in the ./ci folder. We use DroneCI and the ci images are used to run tests for various Kosu packages.

The current CI images defined in dev-images are listed below.

  • gcr.io/kosu-io/go-kosu-ci: Custom golang image used to run go-kosu CI tests.
  • gcr.io/kosu-io/node-ci: Custom nodejs (Debian-based) image used for the Kosu contract system CI suite and JS libraries.

Ganache image

A pre-built image with the Kosu Contract system deployed can be started with the following command.

$ docker run -d --rm -p 8545:8545 gcr.io/kosu-io/kosu-ganache

The kosu-ganache image's full label is listed below. It can optionally be tagged with a specific version.

  • gcr.io/kosu-io/kosu-ganache


Migrate and update public ganache-db archive

$ yarn build:ganache_db

Migrates the Kosu contract system (@kosu/system-contracts) to a ganache instance and uploads the database files to a GCP bucket.

Requires authentication via gcloud. The migrate-docker-ganache.sh script may be modified to not remove the locally ganache-db-vX.X.X.zip files.

The output database archive can be found at:


Where X.X.X is replaced with the desired @kosu/dev-images version (in the future may be associated with the contract system version).

Build and publish kosu-ganache docker image

yarn build:ganache_docker

Pulls and unzips the ganache DB archive (from above) and builds a Docker image that starts a ganache RPC server as the entry command. Can be used to test applications depending on Kosu locally.

The current script requires authentication via gcloud and updates the latest image for the gcr.io/kosu-io/kosu-ganache repository.

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