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Spektra Pay

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Spektra Pay is the unofficial Javascript SDK for Spektra payment platform. It takes a Promise based or Async Await approach. Its been made to be very simple and easy to use.


  • First head over to https://spektra.co to create an account. Submit all relevant documents to be able to go live.
  • Head over to your dashboard and to the developers page. Generate new public and secret keys and or copy the existing ones over to your project.
  • Install the SDK by typing npm install @koficypher/spektra
  • In your project create a .env file and place it in your project's base path. We have a sample .env.example in this repo for you to take a look at.
  • In your .env file update the PUBLIC_KEY AND SECRET_KEY accordingly
  • You are now ready to recieve payments.


Using this SDK is very simple. To get started you have to require and instantiate it like so:

 const Spektra = require('@koficypher/spektra')

 const Pay = new Spektra();

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