A NodeJS SDK for interacting with meetup.com's api
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$ cnpm install @koficypher/meetup 
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Meetup NodeJS SDK

A NodeJS SDK for Meetup's API Version 2

Authentication as at this version only supports API key authentication. Future releases may support OAuth2 authentication.

Not complete yet, more features to come..


  1. Get all upcoming meetups for a specified GROUP_URLNAME


  • Run : npm install @koficypher/meetup --save

  • Create a .env file and specify your API_KEY , GROUP_URLNAME and specify the V2 api url API_URL =https://api.meetup.com/2

  • Require it in your file like so:

    const meetup = require('@koficypher/meetup')
    //initialize meetup class
    const meetups = new meetup()
    /** result returns a promise so console log it to see it */
    meetups.getUpcoming().then(data => {

Want to Collaborate ?

Kindly send me an email koficypher


The project is licenced under the MIT licence

Security Issues

Please email all security issues to koficypher

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