Grabs images and Google Docs in a designated folder marked up with ArchieML and turns them into Jekyll post files.
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$ cnpm install @knight-lab/googledocs2jekyll 
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Knight Lab Studio


Student bios come from this spreadsheet: People

Writing Posts

Google Docs

We are using ArchieML markup. There is a handy Google Doc plugin for formatting with ArchieML

Front matter meta data goes at the top of the Google Doc.

title: Anti-Press Rhetoric Raises the Stakes for Engagement in Local News
slug: test-article-for-archieml
date:   2018-12-15 09:00:00 -0500
photo: anti-press-rhetoric.jpg
categories: update
author: Jeannette Hinkle

Text for the article goes in between the text tag.

    Article goes here.

Headlines should use the built in google docs styles dropdown

Decks should use the subtitle style

Images can be put into the google doc. Use Alt Text to add captions, credits and other options such as align. Captions should be in the Description of the image. Title can have everything else using ArchieML language as options. For example align: right, credit: Zach Wise

Jekyll Markdown


Each post should have what is called frontmatter at the top. It is the metadata for the post.

layout: post
title:  "Local News Initiative website"
date:   2018-07-02 09:46:33 -0500
author: Zach Wise
categories: update
published: true
    - Update
    - Local News


Posts are written in markdown


To add images use:

{% include image src="path_to_image/image.png" alt="optional alt text" caption="optional caption text" credit="Optional Name" breakout="optional to breakout" align="optional left or right" %}

To add embeds use:

{% include embed src="embed_url" caption="optional caption text" credit="Optional Name" breakout="optional to breakout" align="optional left or right"%}

To add blockquote use:

{% include blockquote quote="Something quotable" cite="Optional Name" breakout="optional to breakout" %}

To add pullquote use:

{% include pullquote quote="Something quotable" cite="Optional Name" align="optional to align left" %}

Getting Jekyll installed in MacOS Sierra

  • Update Ruby apt-get install ruby2.3-dev You may need to use sudo
  • Download Ruby GEMS https://rubygems.org/rubygems/rubygems-2.6.11.zip
  • Unzip and run ruby setup.rb from the unzipped folder. You may need to use sudo
  • Update Ruby gem update --system You may need to use sudo
  • Install jekyll: gem install jekyll if you get errors and you've tried sudo try this sudo gem install -n /usr/local/bin jekyll

Instructions from Jekyll

Install Jekyll and Bundler gems through RubyGems

~ $ gem install jekyll bundler

Change into the website directory

~ $ cd website

Build the site on the preview server

~/website $ bundle exec jekyll serve

Now browse to http://localhost:4000

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