Javascript AB testing tool
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Javascript AB testing tool


import splitsterInit from "splitster"

Where config is an object with following structure:

const config = {
export default config


Object of key value pairs representing running tests.

Key: string id of test

Value: test configuration

// Your tests specified by id
const tests = {
  // Test with id test_1
  test_1: {

    // Short description - optional
    description: "Check if user likes more red, blue or green button",

    // Groups which user must satisfy - optional
    userGroups: ["enUsers"],

    // Overall usage of test in % - optional - if not specified 100 is used
    usage: 100,

    // Array of tracks to use when test is ran - optional
    runTrack: [],

    // Array of tracks to use when test is being first time applied in code - optional
    useTrack: [],

    // Array of tracks to use when test is successful
    endTrack: [],

    // Test is disabled, always return default variant
    disabled: false,

    // Default variant id
    defaultVariant: "RED",

    // Variants of the test specified by id.
    variants: {

      // Variant with id RED
      RED: {
        // If test is not ran, variant with specified default value is always returned

        // Actual value of variant. Will be return by calling splitser.get(test_id).value
        value: "RED",

        // Ratio of probability distribution against other variants
        // ratio 1-1 (also 50-50) means 50% probability
        ratio: 3,
      BLUE: {
        value: "BLUE",
        ratio: 4,
      // Shorthand - value is same as ID
      GREEN: 2,


Track may be string ID of object specified in general tracks section, or inline function taking result of test:

  (res) => {},


tracks used when experiment is ran - this happens only one per test life

splitster.run(test_id) // Runs one experiment
// OR
splitster.runAll() // Runs all experiments


tracks used when experiment value is required. Runs only once. Useful to make sure user has really seen experiment in action

const variant = splitster.get(test_id) //useTracks calling
if (variant.value === 1) {
  // Do stuff
} else if (variant.value === 2) {
  // Do other stuff


final tracks when test is successful. May be called multiple times.

document.getElementById("button").addEventListener("click", () => {
  splitster.track(test_id) //endTracks calling


Defines groups which user must satisfies if test can be started.

import splitsterInit from "splitster"
splitsterInit(config, user)

Object of key value pairs

const userGroups = {
  enUsers: [
    {"language": ["en", "hi"]}
  customUsers: [
    (user) => user.isValid(),

one group is an array of rules which user object must satisfies.

Rule can be object: defining structure of user object

or function which takes user object and if returns true, rule passed


Object of tracks specified by id

Track is a function taking test object and doing developer specified tasks. Useful for logging, sending results etc.

tracks = {
  CONSOLE_TRACK: (test) => { console.log(test) },


Other options to set

separateTest: if true, only one test is used at time. Test is chosen randomly. Useful when you don't want to pollute your results with too many tests running at the same time.


disabled: if true, tests will not be saved to cookies. Initialization won't get result from cookies but always run.

expiration: number of days cookies should last.

name: prefix of cookies set in browser - default splitster {name_test_id}

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