A collection of gulp tasks which can be shared between JavaScript and Typescript projects.
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$ cnpm install @kite-tech-ltd/gulp-tasks 
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Kite Gulp Tasks

A collection of gulp tasks which can be shared between JavaScript and Typescript projects.


Via NPM:

npm install --save-dev kite-gulp-tasks



Two files need to be created in the base of your project.

gulpfile.js which is the main gulpfile. This passes the config to the child gulp processes.


gulpfile.config.js is a config file for the gulp tasks.

It should take the format:

const _buildDir = 'dist';
const _srcDir = _buildDir + '/src';

const config = {
        Tasks to run before running watch.
    preWatchTasks: [
        Tasks to run inside of watch.
    watchTasks: [
        Names of the gulp tasks run when 
        build-dev is run.
    buildTasksDev: [
        Names of the gulp tasks run when 
        build-dist is run.
    buildTasksDist: [
        Inject a CDN for asset URLs.
        This mirrors an environment variable since 
        build should be done through CI (through which
        you can set the CDN URL)
        IMPORTANT: no trailing '/' otherwise things break
    cdnUrl: process.env.CDN_BASE_URL,
        The directory used as the entry point 
        when compiling the bundled client side 
    clientEntryPoint: _srcDir + '/client/kite.client.window.js',
        The directories that various files will be put.
    dir: {
        build: _buildDir,
        src: _srcDir,
        test: _buildDir + '/test',
        coverageOutput: 'coverage',
        sourceMaps: 'sourcemaps',
        The files that need to be built upon compilation.
    filesToBuild: [
        Which files to watch for changes in when gulp watch 
        is ran.
    filesToWatch: [
        Example Jest configuration options for TypeScript.
        For JavaScript, remove the transform field and update the regexes.
    jestConfig: {
        moduleFileExtensions: [
        transform: {
            '\\.ts$': '<rootDir>/node_modules/ts-jest/preprocessor.js'
        collectCoverageFrom: ["**/*.{js,ts,tsx,jsx}", "!**/node_modules/**", "!**/vendor/**"],
        testRegex: '.*spec.ts$'
        Jest Command line options.
        Eg. do not run tests in parallel and exit on first failure
    jestOptions: {
        runInBand: true,
        bail: true
    bsConfig: {
            Any browsersync configurations, defaults to
            { server: { baseDir: './' } }
        Configuration for injecting svgs into a HTML file.
        The HTML file will be output in the build directory.
    svgConfig: {
        svgPath: './assets/images/*.svg',
        inHtmlPath: './index.html',
        The name of the file output when the client side 
        scripts are compiled.
        This is replaced by **.min.js when the dist version 
        is built.
    outputFileName: 'kite.js',
        The location of the tsconfig file to use for typescript 
    tsConfig: 'tsconfig.json',
        The location of the webpack config file.
    webpackConfig: 'webpack.config.js',

module.exports = config;

Running tasks

The name of the tasks match to the filename in the gulp project.

e.g The task in gulp.watch.js can be run using the command

gulp watch

Or gulp.unit-tests.js can be run with

gulp unit-tests

Development and testing

To develop Kite-Gulp-Tasks, you should test within your project.

You can either link locally following npm's guides or fetch the kite-gulp-tasks package from GitHub, where you have pushed your changes in a branch.

To fetch from GitHub in package.json use:

    "dependencies": {
        "kite-gulp-tasks": "git@github.com:OceanLabs/Kite-Gulp-Tasks.git#${YOUR_COMMIT_SHA}"

Where YOUR_COMMIT_SHA is the hash (SHA-1) of the commit you want to test.

You can then run npm install to get that commit's version of Kite-Gulp-Tasks.

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