A robust script execution command line program.
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Unleash your Node.js thunder!!

What it does

Thunder bird makes writing algorthims and node script utilities easy as cake! You simply make a thunder bird command and link it to a file then execute that file anywhere!

Use cases

Thunder bird fits in alot of workflows. Server automation(writing scripts for common tasks), debugging(write scripts for filtering output, counting files, etc..), Full fledge commands. Thunder bird is pretty much a "build your own" command line interface.

Getting started

Thunder bird is acually really simple and easy to use. you simply run tb create <name> <file to run> or thunder-bird create <name> <file to run>, to create/link your commands to a script / npm module project that exists locally on your computer. To run your files simple do: tb <name> <parameters to pass to your scirpt> or tb run <name> <parameters>

Hello world example

  1. Create the following file. ~/test.js
#!/usr/bin/env node
console.log("Hello world test, my current working directory is: ", process.cwd());
  1. run tb create testScript ./test.js
  2. Execute it anywhere! by typing tb testScript or tb run testScript

Common project structure

Thunder Bird was created with one goal in mind: to make developers and system administrators lives easier. Think about it, you can rapidly create utils and use them across your computer without scrambling through your filesystem looking for your existing ones, simply link and forget.

  1. run mkdir testA && cd testA && touch index.js && npm init -y
  2. open the package.json generated by the npm init -y command.
  3. add a "description" field and apply what ever description you wish.
  4. write your command / util(you have the full power of node.js since this process is ran as a fork of the thunder-bird process running.)

You can use this structure to create tests and execute tests for some software your writing, create a util to help you in your development experience or tinker with frameworks before implementing them into your actual projects. What i like to do is create a folder in my ~(home) directory that contains all of my thunder-bird utils/commands just for the sake of organization and simplicity.


  1. create Creates a thunder-bird command(example: tb create <your command name> <your script>).
  2. remove Removes a thunder-bird command(example: tb remove <your command name>).
  3. update-path Updates the path to your script(example: tb update-path <your command name> <script path>).
  4. update-name Updates your commands name(example: tb update-name <your command name> <new name>).
  5. run Also useable by simply dropping the run keyword(much like yarn npm script execution) Runs one of your commands(See Hello world example).
  6. tb --help Note that additional documentation on this CLI is integrated directly into the --help command.


I am welcoming people to come contribute to this project if they wish too. As of writing this i have not tested this utility on windows, Please open an issue for feature requests, errors and support bugs.

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