Keyman Developer lexical model compiler

Please use @keymanapp/lexical-model-compiler instead
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$ cnpm install @keymanapp/developer-lexical-model-compiler 
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Keyman Developer

This contains the source code of Keyman development tools. This also contains kmlmc.

In order to build lexical models, these tools must be built and compiled.

How to build


How to run the tests

./build.sh -test

How to install

This will install both kmlmc and will let you install the compiler in other node projects on your machine.

npm link

How to use in other Node projects

With the package installed with the above instructions, in your new project, link this package:

npm link @keymanapp/developer-lexical-model-compiler

How to use on the command line

With the package installed with the above instructions, you can now run kmlmc (Keyman Lexical Model Compiler):

kmlmc <your model.ts file> -o <compiled lexical model>

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