Provide a simple message DB managment and localization function.
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$ cnpm install @kano/i18n 
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Web i18n

Provide a simple message DB managment and localization function.


Add to your project using yarn add @kano/i18n;

Im port and use as follow

import { _, setDefaultLang, addSupportedLanguage } from '@kano/i18n/index.js';

// Add the supported langauges before using any other functions
// Set the default language, will be used if the browser is configured to use a non supported language

// Use the _ function to resolve all messages. Provide a fallback that will be used to generate
// the default language file
const message = _('UPDATE_NOW', 'Update now');

Generating the language files

Once all the strings in your codebase has been tokenized using the _ function, you can generate a language file using the provided tool.


i18n-generator ./code/**/*.js

Will print all keys and their default values from the codebase. Run i18n-generator --help to see all options

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