Allows the detection and comunication with Kano devices.
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Allows the detection and comunication with Kano devices.

Platform independance

This SDK aims to be platform independant as it doesn't implement any Bluetooth, Wi-FI or serial communication. Instead it provides classes expecting a mixin for a BLEDevice/SerialDevice/WiFIDevice to be provided.

Platform support

Some platforms are already supported and available in the platforms directory.


Bluetooth communication is supported in a nodejs environment using the modules noble or noble-uwp. These modules will need to be installed in your project.


Bluetooth communication is supported in a cordova environment using the plugin cordova-plugin-bluetoothle.


import Devices from '../kano-devices/sdk/kano-devices-sdk.js';
// Pltform specific bluetooth watcher and device mixin
import Watcher from './ble-watcher.js';
import BLEDeviceMixin from './ble-device.js';

const DevicesManager = new Devices({
    bluetooth: {
        watcher: new Watcher(),
        deviceMixin: BLEDeviceMixin,

export default DevicesManager;

Example of a mixin for the BLEDevice:

// Return a function that will receive the Device class. It needs to extends it, implement the bluetooth methods and return the BLEDevice class
const BLEDeviceMixin = (Device) => {
    class BLEDevice extends Device {
        // Will receive the device object the watcher found
        constructor(device) {
            this.type = 'ble-device';
            // Do something with the device object
        // Implement here the methods
    return BLEDevice;

export default BLEDeviceMixin;

Connection lifecycle

A BLEDevice must track the state of its connection following this State Machine Diagram:

Possible future applications:

  • Write a websocket adapter

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