``` yarn add @kablamo/kerosene-ui
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$ cnpm install @kablamo/kerosene-ui 
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yarn add @kablamo/kerosene-ui

npm install @kablamo/kerosene-ui

Available Components

<ShowWhen />

Utility Types


Unwraps the decorated typings from a decorator-wrapped components to provide the original type of the underlying component. Useful in unit testing when stubbing decorators with the identity function.

React Hooks

useInterval(callback, delay)

Custom hook that makes setInterval work declaritively with hooks. See https://overreacted.io/making-setinterval-declarative-with-react-hooks/ for more details.

useKonamiCode(code, callback)

Custom hook which listens for keydown events for the specified code and triggers the callback when the code is entered.

usePageVisibility(useState = true)

Custom hook which listens to the page visibility API. Returns either a 2-tuple containing the state of page visibility and a ref containing the same, or just a ref if useState === false.

usePopup(zIndex?, inside?)

Custom hook which creates an element with which to use as a target for ReactDOM.createPortal(). This hook also keeps tracking of the bounding rect of the element attached to the ref so that the rect coordinations may be used to position the portal element.

Returns { open, setOpen, ref, rect, portalEl, scrollX, scrollY }.

usePrevious(value, initialValue?)

Custom hook which remembers the value from the previous render.

This hook is generally useful when the current render relies on data from the previous render. As an example, you may want to transition a value between renders with a library like react-spring using a multiplier that scales from 0 to 1. During the transition, the value will look something like value * multiplier + previous * (1 - multiplier) where the multiplier fades between the previous and new value.


Custom hook which throttles the provided callback with requestAnimationFrame.

useRect(disable?, eventList?)

Custom hook which measures the bounding rect of the element attached to ref. Listens to window resize events and any scroll event on the page, plus any extra event names passed to eventList. Stops listening when disable is set to true.

Returns [ref, rect, { scrollX, scrollY }].

Available functions


Injects an element into the DOM to measure the CSS environment variables for the safe area insets for devices with non-rectangular displays (like iPhone X, Pixel 3 XL, Galaxy S10, etc.) and returns the measured values.

getTextWidth(text, font)

Uses 2D Canvas to calculate the width of the provided text with the provided font details.


Calculates the height and width of the current viewport. On iOS, PWAs report window.innerHeight and window.innerWidth incorrectly. This uses the screen dimensions instead in that case.


Returns whether or not the provided element is inside the viewport.


Returns whether or not the current page is being displayed in a Progressive Web App.

measureCSSProperty(element, property, value)

Measures a CSS property at the provided element by injecting a <noscript /> element and setting the style property to value and measuring with window.getComputedStyle.


Returns a new callback ref that effectively merges all provided refs.


Returns a throttled version of the provided callback. Uses requestAnimationFrame to throttle. To cancel any pending async operations, call .cancel() on the throttled version of the function.


Returns a Promise that waits for a repaint/reflow to occur. May be cancelled by calling .cancel() on the returned Promise.

Useful constants


Returns { passive: true } when passive event listeners are supported, otherwise false.


Returns {} when passive event listeners are supported, otherwise false.


Returns { capture: true, passive: true } when capture passive event listeners are supported, otherwise true.


Returns { capture: true } when capture passive event listeners are supported, otherwise true.


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