Fozzie Build configuration for JS components
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Fozzie Bear

Webpack configuration for JS Builds

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Quick Guide

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Overriding default configuration

f-build-js is setup with a bunch of sensible defaults that the majority of projects will be able to use out of the box.

However, should you wish to adjust the config of any part of webpack config, you can hook into the rules and merge/override them with your own configuration using the hooks in webpack-chain.

For example, say you wanted to change the name of the JS file being produced from the default entrypoint, you would do so in the following way:

const webpackConfig = require('@justeat/f-build-js');


For overwriting or adding options within a loaders configuration you will need to use these hooks combined with the babel-merge package.

One example would be if you wanted to override the default behaviour of the ESLint rule to turn off auto-fixing. You could do this by declaring the following in your webpack.config.js:

const webpackConfig = require('@justeat/f-build-js');
const merge = require('babel-merge');

            .tap(options => merge(options, {
                fix: false // turn off autofix

module.exports = webpackConfig.toConfig();

A full list of the named rules and loaders you can hook into are listed below.



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