A simple, fast and objective manager for packages, snippets, assets or anything with no dependencies.
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$ cnpm install @jsweb/packs 
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A simple, fast and objective manager for packages, snippets, assets or anything with no dependencies.

  • CLI
  • Packages/Snippets/Assets manager
  • Simple, fast, objective
  • Get only files you want from NPM packages
  • Fetch Gist and Gitlab snippets to save as code
  • Grab anything from the web
  • All automated with a simple JSON setup


In your project:

npm i -D @jsweb/packs


yarn add @jsweb/packs

Then, include a new command in package.json into scripts section:

  "scripts": {
    "packs": "packs"

Choose a name of your preference, but point it to packs, or just use with NPX or Yarn into your project folder: npx packs or yarn packs.

If you prefer, install it globaly: npm i -g @jsweb/packs or yarn global add @jsweb/packs.

Then you can run packs CLI anywhere.

Or, use with NPX without install: npx -p @jsweb/packs packs.


@jsweb/packs reads a section at your package.json file that registers packages, snippets, gists or anything you want to fetch from web into your project.

Create a @jsweb/packs section like this:

  "@jsweb/packs": {
    "dir": "jsweb-packs",
    "bundle": {
      "vue.lib.js": [
    "gist": {
      "asq.js": "jyamashiro24/17ac171a73246744b09a47d6c9d77241",
      "steven89/kav.js": "steven89/f7aedca683deee6ee8211399e94cd583"
    "gitlab": {
      "dom.js": "34295",
      "dstrbg.styl": "1662645",
      "tpl/render.js": "1663326"
    "unpkg": {
      "moment.js": "moment/min/moment-with-locales.min.js",
      "jsweb/truetype.js": "@jsweb/truetype",
      "normalize.css": "normalize.css"
    "web": {
      "animate.css": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/daneden/animate.css/master/animate.min.css",
      "img/js.svg": "https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/99/Unofficial_JavaScript_logo_2.svg"

Then, just run packs CLI command!

key : value pairs within sections represent destination : source, so key is the filename where the asset will be saved and value is the source to fetch its content.

You can save your assets in sub directories by setting key as a path to save into respective section.


@jsweb/packs saves downloaded files into a diretory structure corresponding to @jsweb/packs section at package.json:

| -${packs dir}
  | - bundle
  | - gist
  | - gitlab
  | - unpkg
  | - web

@jsweb/packs directory

@jsweb/packs default dir is a jsweb-packs folder at package.json root directory, but it is possible to set a custom path to save your packs.

Just define dir on setup at package.json:

  "@jsweb/packs": {
    "dir": "path/to/your/custom/packs"

CLI commands

@jsweb/packs CLI support some simple commands. If none is given, update is default.

update (default)

Update/fetch all of your assets with this simple command: packs update or just packs.

Important: By default, this command rewrites @jsweb/packs section at package.json file to sort content. If you need to prevent this behavior for CI/CD or any other production workflow, make sure to set NODE_ENV with any value that not contains dev (case not sensitive).


You can add new assets to your project by manually adding @jsweb/packs section at package.json and runing update command.

But packs add [type] [dest] [source] command is a convenient way:

packs add unpkg moment.js moment/min/moment-with-locales.min.js

packs add gist steven89/kav.js steven89/f7aedca683deee6ee8211399e94cd583

packs add gitlab dom.js 34295

packs add web animate.css https://raw.githubusercontent.com/daneden/animate.css/master/animate.min.css

Arguments must follow this pattern:

  • type the resource type where the asset is hosted, section within @jsweb/packs at package.json and folder into @jsweb/packs->dir
  • dest defines the destination path/filename where to save content
  • source is an ID, PATH or URL to fetch content

Important: This command ever writes data to package.json file to update @jsweb/packs section.


To remove assets you can just delete files from directory and remove entry from @jsweb/packs section at package.json.

But you can simply run packs del [type] [file]:

packs del web jquery.js

Important: This command ever writes data to package.json file to update @jsweb/packs section.


Prints @jsweb/packs section from package.json. Just for convenience!

packs list

How it works

NPM / Unpkg

@jsweb/packs gets the code of NPM packages from Unpkg CDN. So, NPM packages must to be at unpkg section.

Optionally, you can use SEMVER tags if you need to specify packages versions, like:

  "@jsweb/packs": {
    "unpkg": {
      "moment.js": "moment@2.22.2/min/moment-with-locales.min.js"

If no version was defined, latest version is default at Unpkg CDN.

Gist and Gitlab Snippets

For these codes/snippets repositories, @jsweb/packs simply fetch raw files as is.

The codes must to be public available.

Gist needs user/hash to identify and get the code. Gitlab Snippets just need an id.

Web / Anything

@jsweb/packs can fetch any public file online. Just map it into web section, like this:

  "@jsweb/packs": {
    "web": {
      "img/js.svg": "https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/99/Unofficial_JavaScript_logo_2.svg",
      "img/npm-do-more.svg": "https://static.npmjs.com/images/saas-features/do-more-faster.svg"


If you want to build a bundle of .js or .css files, it is easy with @jsweb/packs.

Map an Array with URLs to save your assets to a file into bundle section.

All fetched content will be concatenated in the same order and saved to the file.

  "@jsweb/packs": {
    "bundle": {
      "lib.js": [

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