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Check the status of the uCoz/Narod/uWeb servers from the CLI. This tool is useful if you want to find out whether only your website is down or the entire server your website is hosted on. You can also automate it for monitoring if you want to get creative.


To run this application, you must have Node.js and npm installed.


Use npm to install the program:

npm i -g @jozsefsallai/userv


To check the status of a server by name:

userv check s32

To check the status of a server by IP address:

userv check

To get the server status of all servers:

userv all

Utility: to figure out what server a uCoz website is hosted on, use the following command:

userv site forum.ucoz.com

and replace "forum.ucoz.com" with the URL of your website.


The tool only works with uCoz websites. White label and VIP will very likely not work.


The program was written in Typescript and uses oclif.

To make a change, you must first clone the repository:

git clone git@github.com:ucoztaska/userv.git
cd userv

Install the dependencies using Yarn:

npm i -g yarn

After making your changes, you can check them by running ./bin/run <command> <args>.

Tests aren't currently available but very likely will be in the future. If you want to help out with tests, you can do that as well!

Linting must pass before submitting a PR:

yarn lint



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