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WordPack Dev Server

Development with WordPress made easy.


  • SCSS: Modular CSS with variables and functions

  • Modern JavaScript: Write Javascript using the latest syntax.

  • Modular JavaScript: Split your JS files into multiple module files for better organization and import NPM libraries.

  • HMR: Watch your changes live getting hot reloaded while developing

  • Browser support: With the help of Babel and Browserslist everything will be compiled to support old Browsers

  • Linters: Prettier, ESLint and stylelint will help you while developing. (Make sure you have the corresponding packages installed for your editor)

    Note: You should install the corresponding packages for your Editor to make full use of this feature.

    Note: I'm not following the WordPress Coding Standards for JS and CSS out of preference (I think they are outdated and rather use the recommended prettier/eslint configurations). You can always change that by updating the linter rc files.

  • Customizable: You have a lot of options you can configure. see configuration

Pro Tip: Since wpds-scripts will open a proxy, you can even work on a webpage that is already online, as long as you are just changing static files, like JS and CSS.

CLI Configuration

  • -p or --port: default: 8080
    • The port on which you can preview your changes
  • -h or --host: default: localhost
    • The host on which you can preview your changes
  • -P or --proxy: default: http://localhost:8000
    • The URL (include http://) on which your local WordPress installation runs on.
    • If you are only making small changes to an no-local website css and js should get hot-loaded anyway.
  • --publicPath: default: /wp-content/themes/FOLDER_BASENAME
    • The path where your proxied files are available.

Config File Configuration

To configure wpds-scripts you need to create the wpds-scripts.config.js file inside your project root folder.

Inside it you can override the following options from the default config:

  verbose: false, // boolean -> set to true to recieve more console logs
  port: 8080, // number -> dev server port
  host: "localhost", // string -> dev server hostname
  proxy: "http://localhost:8000", // string -> the URL to which the dev server will redirect to (include the http protocol!)
  publicPath: `/wp-content/themes/${path.basename(process.cwd())}`, // string -> the path where your files are exposed to public
  entryFiles: [`${process.cwd()}/src/javascripts/main.js`], // array of strings -> files which are getting bundled (import stylesheets from withing those files, don't load them here!)
  customRules: [], // array -> custom rules that should be added to webpack
  customExternals: [], // array -> custom external dependencies that webpack should ignore when bundling (@wordpress/** packages are already ignored)
  customWebpackConfig: false, // object | false -> object that will override the webpack config (only use this if the above configurations do not suffice!)
  customWebpackDevConfig: false // object | false -> object that will override the webpack dev server config (only use this if the above configurations do not suffice!)


module.exports = {
  verbose: true,
  port: 8081,

Note: The CLI parameters will always override configuration from your wpds-scripts.config.js file.

Note: wpds-scripts will use your .babelrc, .eslintrc and .stylelintrc when those files are present.


You can buy me a cup of coffee, if you'd like ^^


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