Import transactions from csv files to accounts in Actual
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A command line utility to import bank transactions as csv into Actual.


While Actual can import bank account statements through the "Quicken" format, not all banks support this. Instead, they may allow exporting transaction data in a custom format. This utility aims to enable importing data from unsupported banks, so they don't need to be entered by hand.

Supported Banks

  • Belfius (Belgian)
  • Sparkasse (German)
  • Zürcher Kantonalbank (German)

If you'd like to see support for another bank, please open an issue or PR ???? Please consider adding a dummy export to tests/dummy-data.

Getting Started

Install as global package through npm:

npm install -g @jorisnoo/csv2actual
# OR
yarn global add @jorisnoo/csv2actual

To import transactions from a file, run:

csv2actual filename.csv

You will be prompted to enter your buget and choose an account to import into.

Local Development

If you'd like to tinker with the code, you may use a local copy of this repository:

git clone git@github.com:jorisnoo/csv2actual.git
cd csv2actual

npm install # or: yarn install

# Make the command available globally
npm link # or: yarn link

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