AirTunes to Sonos devices
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$ cnpm install @johneas10/airsonos 
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AirSonos (forked)

Forked from Stephens repository which seems to have been abandoned. I've implimented various fixes and updates, some of which have been influenced by other forked versions of AirSonos, NodeTunes & NodeCast, but none seem to work anymore.

I also merged two of Stephens other projects (NodeTunes, nodecast) to ease development.

Please note:

  • this has only been tested with a pair of Play:1s. So far I have the following setups working:

    • a single Play:1
    • 2x Play:1s grouped together.

    Ungrouped devices aren't currently supported, but I will work on that in the future.

  • the volume control needs a bit of work.


AirSonos is a server that adds Apple AirPlay (iOS, OS X) support to all Sonos devices on a network.

Blog post for further reading

Questions? Feel free to ping @stephencwan


AirSonos requires node.js >= v0.10.33 installed to run.

Install via npm

$ npm install airsonos -g

Platform-specific install note available from INSTALL.md

Example usage

$ airsonos
Searching for Sonos devices on network...

Swan (@, RINCON_B8E9375433D201400:1)

Search complete. Set up 1 device tunnel.


$ git clone https://github.com/stephen/airsonos.git
$ cd airsonos
$ npm install
$ node ./bin/index.js

Internally, AirSonos is a thin wrapper around the nodetunes and nicercast packages.



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