NodeJs wrapper for flywaydb cli. All credit goes to Mark Gardner.
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This is a fork of Mark Gardner's project (https://github.com/markgardner/node-flywaydb). All credit goes to him for this project. I found my Windows Machine defaulting to use of WSH instead of node when trying to execute the flyway command because of a lack of the .js extension in the original project. The following is written by the original author, Mark Gardner.


NodeJs wrapper for flywaydb cli


I found myself wanting to use flyway on my build systems and dreading installing and maintaining the cli with all of the PATH requirements. This simple wrapper will download the latest Flyway cli on install and provide a hook for your package scripts.

Example package script

"scripts": {
  "migrate": "flyway -c conf/flyway.js migrate"

See Example config file for inspiration

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