A crypto data fetcher in the command-line
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$ cnpm install @jmmzz/cryptodata -g
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Command line app for getting cryptocurrencies related data retreived from CoinAPI.


npm i -g @jmmzz/cryptodata



--coin <coin> 			-c 			Fetch data for a specific coin.	
--add-fav <coin> 		-f 			Add a coin to favorites.
--rm-fav <coin> 		-r			Remove a coin from favorites.



without options, to run the application. If you have added favorite coins to the app, you will have a quick-access to them. But you could also make a search inside the interface by selecting the "Custom Search" item and then typing the required coin. The application will retreive the cryptocurrency current value and its volume in one hour, day and month.

Note: The API Key used is released under a free plan, so the daily requests limit is 100.

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