A simple backup utility for macOS
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$ cnpm install @jjcosgrove/max -g
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A simple backup utility for macOS

Uses commander.js and inquirer.js


npm -g install @jjcosgrove/max


max lets you create backups of your files via the command line/terminal. Currently it has the following functionality:

command function
init Initialize max
add Add a new backup entry to max
remove Remove a backup entry from max
hold Place a backup entry in max, on hold
unhold Place a backup entry in max, on unhold
list [-v] List backup entries for max
backup Backup everything as defined in max


This is very much a pre-pre alpha release (i.e. if it blows up your mac, don't come knocking).

Paths as entered into max, are relative to $HOME - always.

Desktop/Backups => /Users/{YOU}/Desktop/Backups


There is a snapshot feature you can enable when running 'init'. This simply prepends the backups with the timestamp as chosen during the init process.


  • Implement 'restore' command (maybe)
  • Speed it up
  • Refactor and tidy up
  • Add comments
  • Replace fs-extra's copySync
  • Drink coffee

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