Find all the unused files 馃梻 by checking all unused imports in your React project (no need for a webpack plugin). List out all those files in a nice JSON file to do what you like with!
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????Tree shaking is great but what happens when you have so many ????files in your dev environment you can't remember which ones are actually in use????????鈥嶁檪锔????鈥嶁檧锔 and those that are currently dormant? Time for some spring cleaning, enter... unused-unloved???????? !

Once unused-unloved has run it will output an ????unused-file-report.json

You can now use the contents of this folder to do as you wish, personally, I suggest copy and paste it into http://json2table.com/

Getting started is simple:

npm install -g unused-unloved

running is just as simple...

Open your React (or similar) project and make sure you are the same level as your /src folder and just run:


Enjoy! ????????

unused-unloved created by Chris Watson - cwatson88

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