Generate a JWT for use your tests
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$ cnpm install @jc21/cypress-jwt-creation 
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Cypress JWT Creation

Create JWT tokens with ease

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Cypress Installation

yarn add @jc21/cypress-jwt-creation

Then in your cypress Plugins file:

const {JwtCreation} = require('@jc21/cypress-jwt-creation');

module.exports = (on, config) => {
    // ...
    on('task', JwtCreation(config));
    // ...
    return config;

Cypress Usage

describe('Hit an authenticated endpoint', () => {
    it('Should be able to get a response', async function () {
        cy.request('/users/me').then($response => {

            const token = await cy.task('generateToken', {
                privateKey: '/path/to/private.key',
                issuer:     'cypress-tester',
                algo:       'RS256',
                expires:    '1 day',
                claims:     {
                    capabilities: 'superuser'

            // use token in your requests

The Private Key

Due to the fact that this plugin runs on the Cypress Backend, the location of the private key file must be defined as either the full path on disk or relative path to the running of the cypress command. You can define the file location either with an environment variable which can apply to all tests:


or within each individial test using the options below. In addition, you can also define the JWT algorithm if different from the default RS256 with:



Option Description Optional Default
privateKey The location of the private key file true config.env.jwtPrivateKey
issuer Issuer string true "cypress.testing"
algo The request method of the endpoint true config.env.jwtAlgo or RS256
expires English interval of token expiry true "1 day"
claims An object of extra claims you might want to set true {}

Compiling Source

yarn install
yarn build
yarn test

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