Clone of Lodash for learning purposes
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A mini clone of the Lodash library.


BEWARE: This library was published for learning purposes. It is not intended for use in production-grade software.

This project was created and published by me as part of my learnings at Lighthouse Labs.


Install it:

npm install jacob1225/lotide

Require it:

const _ = require('jacob1225/lotide');

Call it:

const results = _.tail([1, 2, 3]) // => [2, 3]


The following functions are currently implemented:

  • assertEqual: confirms that our returned value matches with the expected value
  • assertArraysEqual: confirms that two arrays are equal to each other
  • assertObjectsEqual: confirms that two objects are equal to each other
  • eqArrays: confirms that two arrays are equal
  • eqObjects: confirms that two objects have identical keys with identical values
  • countLetters: counts the occurence of each letter in a string
  • countOnly: looks through an array of strings to count only specified values and returns an object with each key and their count
  • findKey: returns the first key that matches a condition specified by a function
  • findKeyByValie: returns the key the matches a specified value
  • head: returns the first value in an array
  • letterPositions: returns an object with the letters of a string as keys and their index as the value
  • map: returns a new array with the results of calling a callback function
  • middle: returns the middle element of an array if the length is odd, returns an empty array with the length is <=1 and returns the middle elements of an array if length is even
  • tail: Takes the first element out of an array and returns that array
  • takeUntil: takes an array with a callback function and returns the values in a new array until a truthy value is met
  • without: takes an array and removes a spcecified value from it and returns a new array without aletering the original array

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