Ionic Platform Client
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$ cnpm install @ionic/platform-client 
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Ionic Platform Client

The client for using the Ionic Platform in your app. Check out our docs.


Using the latest Ionic CLI, run the following commands in terminal:

$ npm install --save @ionic/platform-client

# Register your app
$ ionic io init


// If no user has been previously saved, a fresh user object is returned,
// otherwise the last [current] saved user will be returned.
let user = Ionic.User.current();

Head over to our docs when you're ready to integrate services like auth, push, or deploy.


If you need support or find a bug with the web client, please submit an issue to this repo. For general Ionic Platform issues (not related to the web client), please use our issues repo. Before submitting your issue, be sure to update the web client and any associated Cordova plugins to their latest versions.



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