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$ cnpm install @io-arc/task-browser-sync 
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Run BrowserSync


$ ia-browser-sync

Command options

ia-browser-sync -p <ip address> or ia-browser-sync --proxy <ip address>

Using proxy.
Specify an IP address for the argument.

ia-browser-sync --history <file path>

File paths used by the HTML5 HistoryAPI.
e.g. /index.html

Configure file

If you want to make detailed settings, please prepare and specify a configuration file.
The configuration file is be placed in the config directory.

Valid file name

  • browser-sync.yml
  • browser-sync.yaml
  • bs.yml
  • bs.yaml

If there are more than one valid files, they are prioritized in the order listed above.
Options see: BrowserSync option


Some parameters are be specified automatically if not specified.


Default: DIST/

* If proxy parameter exists then auto delete server


Only if SITE_ROOT isn't a /.

Default: { route: [SITE_ROOT], dir: DIST}

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