Automatically resolve sass-linting issues through CLI
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This package serves as a compliment to sass-lint, giving you the ability to resolve simple linting issues with an easy to use command line interface. Issues are resolved by parsing the s(a|c)ss as an ast, traversing through it, and modifying certain branches to be in accordance to the .sass-lint.yml standards.

Getting Started


  Usage: sass-lint-auto-fix "<pattern>" [options]


    -V, --version        output the version number
    -c, --config <path>  custom config path
    -v, --verbose        verbose logging
    -h, --help           output usage information

Installing as a dependency

To begin install the package as a dev-dependency for your repository.

npm install --save-dev sass-lint-auto-fix

Modify package.json scripts to include lint:fix

  "scripts": {
    "lint": "sass-lint --verbose",
    "lint:fix": "sass-lint-auto-fix --verbose"

lint:fix works really well with husky, which allows you to run commands on hooks that fire when running git commands

Add the following to your package.json

  "husky": {
    "hooks": {
      "pre-commit": "npm run lint:fix && npm run lint",
      "pre-push": "npm test",
      "...": "..."

Installing globally

npm install -g sass-lint-auto-fix


Configuration can be provided through as either json, yml, or js.

The generic structure of the configuration file you would provide would look something like this:

  include: "**/*.s+(a|c)ss"
  ignore: []
      - scss
      - sass
  property-sort-order: 1
  attribute-quotes: 1
  border-zero: 1
  no-color-keywords: 1
  no-css-comments: 1
  no-important: 1
  no-trailing-zero: 1
  space-after-bang: 1
  space-before-bang: 1
  space-after-colon: 1
  space-before-colon: 1
  hex-length: 1

By default, all rule "resolvers" are enabled. If you wish to change that, specify a config file when running.

  sass-lint-auto-fix -c path/to/config.file

Disabling Rules

  property-sort-order: 1
  attribute-quotes: 0

In this snippet example, the only rule enabled is property-sort-order. If you wish to manually enable certain resolvers, you would do so for each one you wish to include.

For more information about the rules themselves, you can read the documentation from sass-lint



git clone https://github.com/srowhani/sass-lint-auto-fix.git;
npm install;
npm run build;


npm run test

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