ol3-google-maps as ES2015 modules
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OpenLayers - Google Maps integration library as ES2015 modules to use with ol.


Add the olgm package as a dependency to your project.

npm install olgm --save

ol will be installed as a peer dependency.

To use olgm, the Google Maps API must be loaded externally. It's important to load Google Maps API before your bundle. You also need to use your own Google Maps API key.

<script type="text/javascript" src="bundle.js"></script>

It is recommended to import olgm/ol3gm.css along with ol/ol.css, for instance using style-loader.

Then, in your existing OpenLayers application, activate OL-Google-Maps. Here's a simple example:

import 'ol/ol.css';
import 'olgm/ol3gm.css';

import Map from 'ol/map';
import View from 'ol/view';
import Google from 'olgm/layer/google';
import interaction from 'olgm/interaction';
import OLGoogleMaps from 'olgm/olgooglemaps';

var center = [-7908084, 6177492];

// This dummy layer tells Google Maps to switch to its default map type
var googleLayer = new Google();

var map = new Map({
  // use OL3-Google-Maps recommended default interactions
  interactions: interaction.defaults(),
  layers: [
  target: 'map',
  view: new View({
    center: center,
    zoom: 12

var olGM = new OLGoogleMaps({map: map}); // map is the ol.Map instance

olgm modules work like ol modules. Consult the ol documentation for how to use the modules and how to bundle ol and olgm with your application.

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