Render index.html from an EJS template for Immutable Web Apps
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$ cnpm install @immutablewebapps/ejs-cli -g
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Immutable Web App EJS CLI

This module wraps EJS in a CLI for the purposes of rendering the index.html of an Immutable Web App from an index.ejs template and a configuration JSON file.

Getting Started

# install module globally
npm i -g @immutablewebapps/ejs-cli


iwa-ejs reads an EJS template from stdin and outputs an HTML file to stdout.

# render from local template
cat index.ejs | iwa-ejs --d config.json > index.html

# or remote template
curl http://assets.example.com/v1.2.3/index.ejs | iwa-ejs --d config.json > index.html

Alternatively, use npx

cat index.ejs | npx @immutablewebapps/ejs-cli --d src/json.json > index.html


This project was primarily created to demonstrate how to setup an Immutable Web App with ng-immutable-example and react-immutable-example.

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