Cross platform network utility to fetch the routes from a system. Based off the 'network' module developed by Tomas Pollak.
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Route Utilies for Node.js


Get routes

This package has only one method to retrieve all the routes. You can invoke it as follows:

// As provided by Windows, other OSes return a smaller set
interface Route {
    Age: number;
    Caption: string;
    Description: string;
    Destination: string;
    Config: any;
    Information: string;
    InstallDate: string;
    InterfaceIndex: number;
    Mask: string;
    Metric1: number;
    Metric2: number;
    Metric3: number;
    Metric4: number;
    Metric5: number;
    Name: string;
    NextHop: string; // Gateway
    Protocol: number;
    Status: string;
    Type: number;

network.get_routes((err, result: Route[]) => { }


Forked & improved by Josep Mateu Clemente. Original module written by Tomás Pollak (https://github.com/tomas/network).



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