Builds static HTML documentation from Gherkin feature files and Cucumber Steps files (any language)
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GherkinDoc with Step Detection

A processor that transforms Cucumber (Gherkin) feature files into static HTML documentation site. Indicates which steps have an implementation and links them to their github or bitbucket repository. Additionally creates two new tags: 'Implemented' and 'Not Implemented' to list the steps that are complete.

This project is a fork from the GherkinDoc project, started by @alexandrosd. It contains additional code developed by @alexkrechik on the VSCucumberAutoComplete project.


var gherkindoc = require('gherkindoc');
gherkindoc.generate(featuresDirectory, outputDirectory [, options]);

This version doesn't copy the entire featuresDirectory over to outputDirectory. Instead, creates only .html files in the outputDirectory.

The following options are available (defaults are shown):

    theme: 'cosmo', // The [bootswatch](http://bootswatch.com/) theme to use
    renderScenaria: true // whether to render scenario bodies or only feature descriptions,
    steps: [] // A list of paths where the steps are stored

If the parameter steps is not given, then all the steps and features will be marked as not implemented.

Original Author: Alexandros Dallas dallas.alexandros@gmail.com

Fork Author: Josep Mateu Clemente jmateu.clemente@gmail.com

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