A fully-featured yet intuitive CLI bot for Nitro Type.
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$ cnpm install @ifvictr/nitrous 
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A fully-featured yet intuitive CLI bot for Nitro Type.


# Use npm…
$ npm i -g @ifvictr/nitrous

# …or Yarn
$ yarn global add @ifvictr/nitrous

# …or npx (for one-off uses)
$ npx @ifvictr/nitrous [options]


Usage: nitrous [options]

  -V, --version              output the version number
  -a, --accuracy <accuracy>  Average accuracy of racer. Should be a float value between 0 (0%) and 1 (100%).
  -c, --count <count>        The amount of races to complete before stopping. If omitted, the racer will never stop
  -f, --file <name>          File containing user credentials and other configurations
  -n, --maxNitros <count>    Maximum amount of nitros to use per race
  -p, --password <password>  Password of target user account
  -S, --smart                If enabled, WPM and accuracy automatically decrease over time to imitate fatigue
  -s, --targetPlace <place>  Target place (i.e. first place) of the racer (cannot be guaranteed)
  -t, --timeout <seconds>    Time to wait before starting the next race
  -u, --username <username>  Username (not display name) of target user account
  -w, --wpm <wpm>            Average WPM of racer
  -h, --help                 output usage information


Refer to the example config file for an idea of how to set your file up. All available configuration properties correspond to the command flags listed above.

Advanced (not available via command flags)


Set the user agent the bot uses (not required, but recommended if you want activity to blend in).



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