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Credential Management for WCH CLI

Utility library to manage credentials for use with WCH CLI projects.


Local install for use from an NPM script:

npm install --save-dev @ibm-wch-sdk/cli-credentials

Credential Management

The credentials used to access a tenant can be stored securely on your development machine. Depending on the operating system, use one of the following options.

Credential Management (Windows)

Under Windows use the Credential Manager to store your credentials for WCH. You can start the credential manager by navigating to Control Panel\User Accounts and Family Safety\Credential Manager. Create a new Generic Credential. As Internet or network address choose the API URL from WCH, make sure end the URL with a trailing slash. Enter your WCH username and password and hit OK.

Credential Management (Linux or Mac)

Under Linux the credentials are read from the ${home}/.ibm-wch-sdk-cli/.credentials file. Use the store credentials command to securely persist the credentials in this file.

Credential Storage

Stores a user name and password WCH in the file ${home}/.ibm-wch-sdk-cli/.credentials. The password is encrypted using the private SSH key found in ${home}/.ssh/id_rsa. This command has been designed to work in a Unix environment, but it will also for for Windows provided an SSH key exists at the specified location.


If the file ${home}/.ssh/id_rsa does not exist, you can create one using the following shell command:

ssh-keygen -t rsa -q -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa -P ""


The module exports the following functions to work with credentials:


Reads the credentials for the given API URL.

function wchGetCredentials(
  aApiUrl: string,
  aOptions?: Options
): Promise<Credentials>
  • aApiUrl: the API URL for your tenant
  • aOptions: optional options to control logging


Stores the given credentials in the ${home}/.ibm-wch-sdk-cli/.credentials file in every environment (including Windows).

function wchStoreCredentials(
  aWchToolsOptions: WchToolsOptions,
  aOptions?: Options
): Promise<string>
  • aWchToolsOptions: credentials and API URL
  • aOptions: optional options to control logging


Removes the credentials for the given API URL from the ${home}/.ibm-wch-sdk-cli/.credentials file in every environment (including Windows).

function wchRemoveCredentials(
  aApiUrl: string,
  aOptions?: Options
): Promise<string>
  • aApiUrl: the API URL for your tenant
  • aOptions: optional options to control logging

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