This project was born mainly to satisfy my desire for knowledge and to simplify my workflow. Being a curious (and also lazy) developer I have always wondered how avoid to waste my working time to write README.md files who fits perfectly project by project
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This project was born to simplify my workflow and satisfy my desire for knowledge. Being a curious (and also lazy) developer, I've always wandered how to avoid wasting time writing README.md files that fit perfectly project after project. That's why I wrote this tool to help simplify and speed up this process!

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:clipboard: User usage

  • To install globally: npm i -g @ibbatta/readme-generator.
  • To install locally: npm i --save-dev @ibbatta/readme-generator.

Just run readme-generator (or npx readme-generator) at the root of your project and follow the prompts!

You can add the following options:

Option Description Default
-V, --version output the version number
-h, --help output usage information
-e, --entry specify the entry file package.json
-o, --output specify the output file README.md
-t, --template specify the path for you own README template internal default template
-d, --debug log output readme data false

The tools will look for the name, version, description, respository, author, engines, dependencies and contributors data inside you package.json and then will generate the README.md file based on that information.

Due to this reason, this tool was create mainly for a node based project as it will take the package.json by default.
If your project doesn't have a package.json, you can specify another json file.

NOTE: To generate a complete README.md, make sure that the structure of your package.json (or you entry file) looks like this:

    "name": ...,
    "version": ...,
    "description": ...,
    "repository": {
        "url": ...
    "author": {
        "name": ...,
        "email": ...,
        "url": ...
    "contributors": [{
        "name": ...,
        "url": ...
    "engines": {
    "dependencies": {

If no entry file is specified, and package.json is missing, the tool will prompt you for information instead.

You can include a custom field for your social accounts simply adding a readmeGenerator param inside package.json, like in this following example:

  "name": ...,
  "version": ...,
  "description": ...,
  "readmeGenerator": {
    "social": {
        "github": "http://github.com/...",
        "twitter": "http://twitter.com/...",

This allows the tool to create a better README.md with more information.

Here is a generated README example.

:wrench: Developer usage

Set up project

Before cloning the repo make sure you have installed:

  • NODE (version >= 8.9.x)
  • YARN (version >= 1.9.x)
  • NPM (version >= 6.3.x)


  • Choose a folder project in your system and switch in cd [folder path]
  • Clone the repo in your folder: git clone https://github.com/ibbatta/readme-generator.git


First, enter the project folder and run nvm use to check you have the right node version, then run yarn install to install all the dependencies.

Start the project

To run the cli of the project locally:

npm start
# or
yarn start

Build the project for production

This will create a folder /lib and compile the es6 / es7 js syntax:

npm build
yarn build

You can add the --watch flag if you want to keep watching the changes made for test files.

Run the tests

npm test
yarn test

You can add the --watch flag if you to want keep watching the changes made for test files.

Editor setup

To keep the style of resources consistent, I decided to stick to some shared rules that have to be applied to every project using some editors plugins. Plese be sure to disable / remove any other js/jsx linters or custom configurations.


I have chosen to use Eslint to lint the Javascript / React [.js / .jsx] syntax. It includes a .eslintrc file in the root directory. Make sure your editor has the right plugins.

Auto correction on save

I have chosen to use js-beautify as the beautifier for the HTML and CSS. It includes a .jsbeautifyrc file in the root directory. Make sure your editor has the right plugins.

Basic Editor Configuration

I have chosen to use EditorConfig to share the basic configuration like indentation and charset. It includes a .editorconfig file in the root directory. Make sure your editor has the right plugins.


I have chosen to use Prettier to ensure the codebase has a consistent style. It includes a .prettierrc file in the root directory. Make sure your editor has the right plugin.

:handshake: Contributing

Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome. Feel free to check the issues page if you want to contribute, and follow these simple steps:

  • Fork it!
  • Create your feature (or fix) branch: git checkout -b my-new-feature
  • Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Add some feature'
  • Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature
  • Submit a pull request!

:anger: Troubleshooting

This is just a personal project created for study / demonstration purposes and to simplify my working life, it may or may not be a good fit for your project!

:heart: Show your support

Please :star: this repository if you like it or this project helped you!
Feel free to open issues or submit pull-requests to help me improve my work.

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:robot: Author

Maurizio Battaghini

GitHub @ibbatta  ·  Twitter @battago

Copyright © 2019 Maurizio Battaghini.
This project is covered by MIT license.

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