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Cassandra-migrate is a incremental migration tool for Cassandra.

Version 1.2.0 update

Just added support for more robust Cassandra client configuration, now you can provide a path to a configuration file that can specify a Cassandra client option object directly as javascript. Cassandra client options configuration can found here. A user can override the client options file using either the command line flags, or environment variables

Version 1.1.2 update

the format of the migration table has changed, to facilitate the change over I've included an example migration file (0000000000_updateMigrationTable.js) that should nondestructivly update the migration table to the new format, just copy it into your migrations folder and run it before running any other migrations


  • Uses the node cassandra-driver to run incremental migrations on Cassandra database.
  • Uses Cassandra keyspace mentioned in commandline to keep track of ran migrations.
  • Automatically builds and run UP or DOWN until any migration number.
  • Creates a new incremental migration template by a single command.


Install node.js and cassandra and cassandra-driver. Then:

npm install cassandra-migrate


Basic Usage

Creates a new migration with a timestamped migration number ( Used for tracking migrations ).

    cassandra-migrate create <title>

Runs all migrations available in current directory.

    cassandra-migrate up -k <keyspace>

Rolls back all migrations in the migrations table.

    cassandra-migrate down -k <keyspace>

Goes back/forward to a particular migration automatically.

    cassandra-migrate <up/down> -k <keyspace> -n <migration-number>

Skips a particular migration (either adds or removes the migration from the table without running any scripts.

    cassandra-migrate <up/down> -k <keyspace> -s <migration-number>

Define host, username, and password. By default connects to [localhost] and default cassandra port [9042].

    cassandra-migrate -H [] -u username -p password

Cassandra connection details can also be specified in environmental variables

    DBHOST : sets hostname
    DBKEYSPACE : sets keyspace
    DBUSER : sets username
    DBPASSWORD : sets password;

As of 1.2.0 Cassandra connection details can now also be specified in configuration file example you can point to the file's relative path with:

  cassandra-migrate -o <path/to/file.js>

More help.

    cassandra-migrate --help


cassandra-migrate is distributed under the MIT license.


Feel free to join in and support the project!

Check the Issue tracker

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