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$ cnpm install @hugohammarstrom/db-prepare 
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npm version


db-prepare has been tested with Node.js v10.15.0

Install the dependencies

$ npm i -g @hugohammarstrom/db-prepare

Run the command with

$ db-prepare --config "path to config file"


version: 1
dumpfile: db.sql #path to the original dumpfile
output_file: name-{date}-{time}-localhost.txt #date and time can be used in the name
installation_path: /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/wordpress #if using the export feature this is the path that is used to export the database
server_url: http://localhost:8080 #server_url if using monitoring
no_export: true #enable and disable the export feature
no_delete: false #delete the outputfile after succesfull upload to google cloud
no_delete_original: true #delete the original dumpfile after succesfull search and replace
    disabled: false
    webhook_url: https://hooks.slack.com/services/AAAAAAAAA/BBBBBBBBB/CCCCCCCCC #the webhook url that is used when sending messages
    disabled: false
    project_id: db-prepare #google cloud project id
    keyfile: secrets/service-account.json #google cloud keyfile
    bucket: bucketname #bucket that will be used to upload to google cloud
  - steps:
      - search: https://olddomain.com
        replace: https://newdomain.com
  - steps:
      - search: https://another_olddomain.com
        replace: https://another_newdomain.com

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