Command line interface for project files with .editorconfig
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$ cnpm install @htmlacademy/check-editorconfig 
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Simple command line interface (CLI) for .editorconfig based on the node-lintspaces module. Uses .editorconfig by default from current directory. To change default location use -e argument. Supports GLOB format.


$ npm install -g @htmlacademy/check-editorconfig


zeckson@mac ~/d/editorconfig-cli (master)> check-editorconfig --help                                                                                14:54:16

  Usage: check-editorconfig [options] <file ... or 'glob'>


    -h, --help                              output usage information
    -e, --editorconfig <file>               pass .editorconfig (by default it will look in './.editorconfig')
    -i, --ignores <profile-name or regexp>  ignoring profiles. Like ('js-comments'|'java-comments'|'xml-comments'|'html-comments'|...). Defaults are 'js-comments'|'html-comments'
    -v, --verbose                           verbose output

Example Commands

Check all JavaScript files recursively, using ./.editorconfig as settings:

check-editorconfig **/*.js

The same as above but with GLOB format:

check-editorconfig '**/*.js'


lintspaces supports built-in ignores.

Using built in ignores can be done like so:

check-editorconfig -i 'js-comments' -i 'c-comments'

If parameters are omitted, then js-comments and html-comments are used.

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