easily deploy a folder to a git branch
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$ cnpm install @hswolff/git-directory-deploy 
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Easily deploy a directory to a git branch. Primarily of value when deploying to GitHub pages, however this module makes no hard-coded assumption as to what branch you want to deploy to.


npm install -g @hswolff/git-directory-deploy


git-directory-deploy makes one assumption about your git repo when you use it. Namely that the src folder is in your .gitignore file. Usually this is content that is derived from source files, and as such tends to be .gitignored'd.


This tool can be used via the CLI or programmatically. The options that you can set for either usage are the same.

Documentation for all options can be found in the source code.

You can also see all CLI flags via: gdd --help.

Example CLI Usage

gdd # uses all default options
gdd --verbose # show's verbose output
gdd --branch master --src _site --remote origin # passing in values

Example CLI Usage

var gdd = require('@hswolff/git-directory-deploy');

  verbose: true,
  branch: 'master',
  src: '_site'
}).then(function() {


This project was directly inspired by a couple of projects that did almost what I wanted, but not exactly what I needed. I'd like to give thanks to them for serving as a guiding light for this project.

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