Zero config build and dev server tool for JavaScript and popular frameworks.
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$ cnpm install @hrwg/reactivate 
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Reactivate is a zero configuration build tool and dev server for popular JavaScript frameworks aiming to help jumpstarting projects by reducing setup code and boilerplate. It is powered by webpack and babel.

Reactivate is still under development and is going to improve dramarically over the course of the next weeks.

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  • Support for ReactJS and VueJS
  • Babel 7 used for transpilation
  • Hot reloading out of the box
  • Easy to configure, starting with zero config


Reactivate can be installed either locally or globally using npm.

$ npm i -g @hrwg/reactivate

Running your project

By default, reactivate assumes your project to meet the following conditions:

  • The applications entrypoint is src/index.js
  • The main html template is src/index.html
  • You use ReactJS or plain JavaScript

If your project does not meet those defaults, you will need a config file.

Development server

To run the development server, execute the following command inside your projects root directory.

$ reactivate serve

Development build

To run a development build, execute the following command inside your projects root directory.

$ reactivate build

Production build

To build for production, include the --production or -p flag.

$ reactivate build -p


In order to configure reactivate, create a reactivate.config.js inside the root directory of your project. The file exports a JSON config, like in the example below.

// reactivate.config.js

module.exports = {
  entry: 'src/index.js'

The following parameters can be set inside the config.

Parameter Type Description Default
entry string Defines the entry point of the application src/index.js
template string Defines the default html template the app is rendered to src/index.html
framework "react", "vue" Defines the framework used by the project "react

You can provide another config file, by using the -c option.

$ reactivate serve -c myconfig.js

Planned features

  • [ ] Support for style and static asset loading
  • [ ] Customize babel plugins
  • [ ] Zero config universal rendering
  • [ ] Angular support
  • [ ] Config eject




If there are any ideas or optimizations to improve this project, feel free to submit a pull request including your documented changes.

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